ATOM8 career opportunities! Are you passionate about Engineering and Technology? Interested in pursuing your career in Home automation industry?
Do you like to build things? Do you have a start up mindset? You are in the right place. Check out interesting ATOM8 career opportunities now.

Great Learning

Startup Work Culture

Exciting Rewards

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Software Developer

Build failsafe distributed systems to support Atom8 Devices

Embedded Engineer

Build robust highly reliable firmware for Atom8 Hardware

Power Electronics

Build the CORE hardware for upcoming new hardware products

Marketing And Sales

Out of the Box Thinker to accelerate adoption of smart home technology


Work with a talented team to build the next generation home automation products and bring them to life. Here you will get to be at the intersection of hardware, software and AI to bring intelligence to machines and help ATOM8 serve its customers like humans do. Grab the opportunity now in interesting ATOM8 career opportunities.

Quick Feedback Loop

Build fast, ship really Fast and get Feedback from customers and the cycle repeats. We believe in speed and we work accordingly.

Talented Team

Get to work with and hire really smart people as part of ATOM8. We believe in maintaining a very high interviewing bar to ensure the best of the human minds come together to create the best artificial mind through ATOM8 Career.

High Ownership

If you are person with entrepreneurial spirit, high ownership and would like to define the future rather than just follow, then ATOM8 is the right place for you. Own the features and get rewarded.

High Career Growth

As a startup we believe every employee is an owner of the company. Being an early stage startup you have the opportunity to really showcase your engineering and business skills, change business metrics disproportionately and get rewarded disproportionately. As ATOM8 becomes big you become big.

Open Source

We breathe open source. We use open source extensively and we believe in giving back to the community. Take a look at our repository here


We experiment a lot, be it new open source software, new machine learning algorithms, new features, new businesses or new products. It’s in our DNA. If that excites you then ATOM8 is the place for you.


Start building a rewarding career with the fastest growing and most reputable home automation company. If you think you have what it takes, register for one of our exciting Career Fairs or apply online for career